The art exhibition INTIMATIONS by Dave Alber displayed Travel Art paintings in this 2018 – 2019 exhibit at KunChef in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China.

Location: Kun Chef, D03, No.505, Duke Avenue, Kunshan, 215300, Jiangsu
Opening Date: December 30 2018  :: 15:30-16:30
The art exhibition INTIMATIONS is at KunChef in Kunshan. It features the Travel Art and Travel Writing of Dave Alber.

Dave’s art and writing touch our curiosity, speak to our sense of wonder at the world we live in, and offer—through colorful paintings—a sense of shared fascination and delight in our travel discoveries. Dave shares a traveler’s wonder and pleasure in China and other Asian countries.

When you visit KunChef on December 30 to get out of the cold, enjoy fine food and drinks, and see the INTIMATIONS exhibition… you’ll discover—traveler that you are—over 17 colorful new paintings, fun travel writing, the catalogue of art, and be among the first to evaluate Dave’s signed and numbered limited edition prints.