The writing of Dave Alber focuses on Myth . . . Arts and Culture . . . Hypnosis . . . and How to Learn English.


The Heart of Myth: Wisdom Stories From Endangered People by Dave Alber, World Mythology, David Alber, myth, mythologyThe Heart of Myth: Wisdom Stories From Endangered People (2016) is a global anthology of myths from the living polytheistic traditions of six continents. Heart unpacks the spirituality of the myths of each region in a local context, then traces connections and archetypes between regions so that world myth may be understood as both a communicative vocabulary and a grand cultural continuity. To the Dawn is mythic poetry exploring humanity’s place in the Cosmos. Myth & Medium contains art and essays celebrating a festival of world mythology. Alien Sex in Silicon Valley is a novel that explores modern myths and conspiracy theories by exploring the personal mythology of a schizophrenic southerner who believes that his company is run by extraterrestrials. Dave Alber has a Masters in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, was the Associate Editor of Mytholog magazine, Publisher at Mythic Eye Press, and is a contributor to Mythopoetry Scholar.

Arts and Culture:

The Taotie Image in Chinese Art, Culture, and Cosmology traces the Shang dynasty taotie image through Chinese and Pan-Asian civilization. Khajuraho: Microcosm & Macrocosm celebrates India’s Khajuraho temples in manipulated photography.


Hypnotic storytelling has a cultural relationship with mythology and traditional healing rituals. The Rhythm of Health™ is a post-traumatic stress recovery program. Dave’s two hypnotic storytelling CDs Aesop’s Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare and The Story of the Chinese Farmer blend world folklore with hypnotic storytelling.

Learn English:

Easy American Accent is a brand of English learning products. Books, audio recordings, and videos include: American Pronunciation: Speak American English the Easy Way™, Chinese English: English For Chinese Speakers, “50 Idioms That You Absolutely Must Know”, English Idioms: An Idiomatic Journey to the West, English For Chinese Speakers: Secret Message From Planet Meiguo™, and The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice.

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