Cooking Mandarin Fish (Gue Yu)

Cooking Mandarin Fish (Gue Yu)

Gouache on paper
10 x 7 in

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Cooking Mandarin Fish (Gue Yu) is a still life of the mandarin fish being cooked with ginger and a light Chinese yellow wine and soy sauce mix with lots of water. Here it is shown being cooked in a wok in the stir fry steam method.

Cooking Mandarin Fish (Gue Yu) is a gouache illustration for Dave Alber’s travel article “The Floral Mandarin Fish” in the May 14, 2018 issue of the  Suzhou Review newspaper.

Cooking Mandarin Fish (Gue Yu) is featured in the art catalogue Dave Alber: Travel Art 2018: Part 1: Intimations.

Only the rare art catalogue can take you on journeys to faraway places and help you bridge cultural understanding with an immersed experience in the traveler’s journey.

Travel Art: 2018 Part 1: Intimations contains:

• 23 paintings reflecting life in China, Myanmar, and Nepal
• 4 travel articles
• 2 pages of hand painted comic art
• as well as the artist’s statement and biography

Read more about Travel Art: 2018 Part 1: Intimations HERE! 
chi li ma? fine art series, paintings by Dave Alber, mandarin fish

Cooking Mandarin Fish (Gue Yu) is part of the ongoing series, Chi le ma? (Have You Eaten?).

Do you enjoy food? Whether you’re passionate about cooking in your own kitchen or simply enjoy the taste of mouth-watering dishes at your favorite restaurant, I’ll wager you probably have fond memories of food dishes that surprised and delighted you.

In China, the phrase “Chī le ma?” is often used as a greeting like, “How are you?” in America or “Buon giorno,” in Italy. It’s a common way for greeting a friend whom you’re fond of: “Have You Eaten?”

“Within the still life paintings of this series, Chi le ma? (Have You Eaten?), I invite you into my kitchen to enjoy cooking Mandarin Fish together; to taste for the first time Snow Fish in Shanghai; and to relax with me enjoying Tongba (Nepalese millet beer) in Kathmandu.”

Read more about Chi le ma? HERE! 
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Dave Alber is a Travel Painter whose illustrations have appeared most recently in That’s Shanghai, Suzhou Review, Open Magazine, and Nepali Renaissance. His comic “Bedding Shanghai” was featured in the 2018 Shanghai International Literary Festival’s Erotic Fiction Contest. For a limited time, Dave’s art catalogue Dave Alber: Travel Art: 2018 Part 1: Intimations can be preordered for free at Longer bio and Artist Statement here.

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