The Heart of Myth: Wisdom Stories From Endangered People by Dave Alber, World Mythology, David Alber, myth, mythologyThe Heart of Myth: Wisdom Stories From Endangered People (2016) is a global anthology of myths from the living polytheistic traditions of six continents. Heart unpacks the spirituality of the myths of each region in a local context, then traces connections and archetypes between regions so that world myth may be understood as both a communicative vocabulary and a grand cultural continuity. To the Dawn is mythic poetry exploring humanity’s place in the Cosmos. Myth & Medium contains art and essays celebrating a festival of world mythology. Alien Sex in Silicon Valley is a novel that explores modern myths and conspiracy theories by exploring the personal mythology of a schizophrenic southerner who believes that his company is run by extraterrestrials. Dave Alber has a Masters in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, was the Associate Editor of Mytholog magazine, Publisher at Mythic Eye Press, and is a contributor to Mythopoetry Scholar.

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