Travel Art: 2019:  Ravages of Time & Permanence of Wonder is a 2019 art catalogue by Dave Alber.

Travel Art 2019: Ravages of Time & Permanence of Wonder by Dave Alber.

Enter the Art Experience!

Introducing HybridVR Paintings™… physical/virtual hybrid paintings that occupy physical gallery space while simultaneously manifesting within the virtual world of 360° panoramic technology.

Travel Art 2019: Ravages of Time & Permanence of Wonder features:

  • Illustration & Comics
  • Impasto Oil Paintings
  • Travel Art & Travel Writing
  • Hybrid Oil 360° Panoramic VR Paintings

Travel Art 2019: Ravages of Time & Permanence of Wonder traces an artist’s trajectory from comic art and travel illustration to impasto oil painting and Hybrid VR Paintings. Visual journalism and Travel Art represent images from seven countries across three continents. Travel Writing explores Asian food culture, contemporary architecture, and a traveler’s literary pilgrimage to the real Shangri-La.

“Travel with me to China, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, the United States, and on into the virtual world.”

Dave Alber creates Travel Art and Travel Writing. His Travel Art shares an experience of wonder at our cultural continuity and universal humanity. Dave is known for his impasto oil paintings and for being the inventor of Hybrid VR Paintings.

Dave’s books include:

  • Travel Art & Travel Writing: A Curious Heart’s Wanderlust in China,
  • Travel Art 2018: Intimations,
  • The Heart of Myth: Wisdom Stories of Endangered People,
  • The Taotie Image in Chinese Art, Culture, and Cosmology